Glitter! Guts! Photobooths!


Glam Cam: Superheroes & Villains

glam cam: superheroes and villains at berlin

The Modernist Masquerade

the modernist masquerade at uic hull house

Vocalo presents the #hatersball

Vocalo presents the Haters Ball at Chop Shop


infinite10grand at the board room

Google City Experts: Review From the Top

google city experts: review from the top of the willis tower

Potencia at Punch House

potencia opening party at punch house

Chicago Underground Film Festival Closing Party

chicago underground film fest closing party at hairpin arts

Thaw 2014

thaw 2014 at dank haus


cumbiasazo at double door

Luke’s Birthday at Stout

luke's birthday party at stout

Another 90s Party: Headbangers Ball vs The Grind

another 90s party: headbangers ball vs the grind

Bump and Grindcore: A Tribute to Beyoncé

bump and grindcore presents drunk in love: a tribute to beyonce at beauty bar

Bump and Grindcore: A Tribute to Beyoncé

Bump and Grindcore presents Drunk in Love: A Tribute to Beyoncé at Beauty Bar

Living in Video: Turtles for Alex

living in video: turtles for alex fundraiser at neo

Chocolate Sundays with Spank Rock (sxsw)

chocolate sundays at sxsw with treated crew and spank rock

Queerer Park: Spring Vortex

queerer park presents spring vortex at beauty bar

Chicago Zine Fest 2014

chicago zine fest 2014 at columbia college

Bar Mitzvah at Monastero’s

Isaac's Bar Mitzvah at Monastero's

Illustrate Your Opinion at Threadless

google city experts present illustrate your opinion at threadless hq

Goose Island Rasselbock Release Party

goose island rasselbock release party at lincoln square lanes

SCA Gala at Cinespace

society for contemporary art gala at cinespace

Chiditarod 2014

Chiditarod 2014 afterparty at Dolphin

Milwaukee Home 2 Year Anniversary (MKE!)

milwaukee home 2 year anniversary at rogues gallery

Guerrero Howe Anniversary Party

guerrero howe's 8th anniversary party at moe's cantina